Luxury Real Estate in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Luxury Homes are often associated with oceanfront living.

For buyers who want their cake and eating it too. They fall in love with Virginia Beach Luxury Homes. High end homes boasting open concept living is key. Most offer a carefree beach lifestyle. Resort style  is what Coastal Virginia luxury living is about. Tourists visiting this area often find themselves relocating to Virginia Beach.

Others obsess with purchasing their vacation homes in the area. Living a vibrant event filled beach life. Drawing on live entertainment and music. it has a long and rich military history. Our vibe districts unique artists, and a flourishing dining scene. Destined to feed the foodie spirit.

Why Virginia Beach is attractive to so many. Because of its varied indisputable attributes.

Notable is 38 miles of coastline and friendly residents. Access to golf courses. The famous VB boardwalk, four season climate with mild winters.  Creating longer summers and a strong economy. Events run most of the year. People find it hard to resist Virginia Beach living.

Families flock to Virginia Beach for its top-rated public schools, open spaces and numerous parks. Graduating high schoolers have their choices of academically acclaimed state colleges and universities with in-state tuition. Students from across the globe pay high dollar if they are fortunate enough to be accepted to a Virginia university.

Some other reasons families love Virginia Beach Luxury Homes.

Virginia Beach is known for its expansive recreational sports offerings. Both for kids and adults with a variety of sports. To include surfing, football, soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball. almost anything you can think of is here.

Athletes fawn over the city’s provisions. The soccer fields alone surpass most all others in Virginia. Starting with its impressive and expansive fields. Virginia Beach Sportsplex outdoor stadium that can seat 7,000 attendees. Boasting locker rooms, suites and even a press box. The East Coast Surfing Championship and sand Soccer. Not to mention the newly built Virginia Beach Sports Center. They draw competitors from all over the world. With high energy during events, the city runs well. While keeping an easygoing and welcoming atmosphere.

A rich art culture is another quality of Virginia Beach.

Artists abound within its growing Virginia Beach ViBE Art District. Also a bountiful music scene with top performers from Coastal Virginia. Pharrell Williams, Dave Matthews, Missy Elliott, and Bruce Hornsby just to name a few. Virginia Beach is host to nationally known festivals annually.  Providing locals more entertainment and activities. In addition to significantly boosting the economy.

Professionals find the Virginia Beach enticing. Who would not want to work from home? Working and feel like they are on vacation. Luxury Homes for home buyers with lofty expectations and standards. They will  find that Virginia Beach satisfies all of their demands. The local economy continues to grow with its Military connections. Coastal Virginia has huge military installations in its backyard. Defense contractors, IT companies, and maritime & logistics industries. All starting to call Coastal Virginia their home. Real estate continues to be strong with new builds and construction ongoing.