Luxury Homes in Suffolk

Suffolk has a rich history going back to Jamestown settlements.

The Luxury Homes in Suffolk are appealing to nature lovers. Homeowners and buyers love its outdoor recreational opportunities. Suffolk is a great place to raise a family.

Luxury homes in Suffolk are growing in numbers. The number one reason is it’s availability of land. Builders are capitalizing on Suffolk’s expansive terrain. Construction is occurring throughout the city. With that said, the charm of being a small town.  holding firm even with the growth.

Military Strong.

Homes in Suffolk is located near many military installations. Making Suffolk a great place for active duty military.  Many choose rural areas for their homes. Easy commutes and support for military families. enticing those serving in the armed forces to reside in Suffolk. Many veterans and military retirees choose to stay. Suffolk has been ranked fifteenth of Best Cities for Veterans in the Nation.  By Nerd Wallet for many reasons. Suffolk makes it easy for our military to transition into civilian life.

The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

This refuge is visited and explored by thousands daily. Adventurers hoping to observe a black bear or two. There is a high likelihood for bear sightings around Suffolk. The swampy is one of the largest black bear homes on the east coast. Nature lovers can spot white tailed deer and monarch butterflies. Possibly even a bobcat or two.  Enjoy many creatures in their wild habitats as you hike along the refuge trails.

Ranked as 19th Best Cities for Young Families by Nerd Wallet.

It is no wonder more families are choosing to live in Suffolk. Quality of its education system is a good start. Lower cost of living, real estate affordability for economic reasons. Not to ignore the city’s open-armed welcome to families.

Then there is the art scene. Art is alive and well with a blend of local and regional artists.  There are events, performances, and artsy boutiques to check out. Downtown has antique shops and outdoor farmer’s markets. All of which exude that small town feel.

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