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Hampton Roads has an abundance of luxury homes for sale. Hampton Roads is now referred to as Coastal Virginia. Including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond.

Are you are looking for upscale luxury homes for sale? Coastal Virginia offers a variety of luxury and waterfront properties. Neighborhoods such as Great Neck, Croatan, North end or Little Neck. Contact Don Maclary or Susan Kent . LearnĀ  about easy living and Coastal Virginia Real Estate.

Luxury Homes for sale in Coastal Virginia.

What do visitors find appealing about Coastal Virginia? Mainly is an abundance of luxury homes to choose from.

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk are prime examples. All of which boast some beautiful homes. No matter if you are looking for waterfront or inland. Choose a quiet development with friends for your family on the same street. Or choose a long driveway in front and a dock in the back.

Are you looking for an upscale Home in Coastal Virginia?

Coastal Virginia offers many Luxury Homes to choose from. To include waterfront properties in notable neighborhoods. A few are Great Neck, Little Neck and Croatan. Not to mention the North End our crown jewel. Learn more about luxury living and Coastal Virginia Real Estate. Contact Don Maclary or Susan Kent

Hampton Roads Attracts Buyers from all parts of the country. As well as abroad desiring to call Coastal Virginia home.

Now Hampton Roads is known as Coastal Virginia. Hampton is one of our waterfront cities. Coastal Virginia is a more inclusive identifier. The new name includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and several others.

Experience what our locals already know about Coastal Virginia living.

Many visitors have also discovered and relocated to this area. Coastal Virginia is attractive for many different reasons. Topping the list is the opportunity for a waterfront lifestyle. Coastal Virginia is a very large pretty and expansive area. Much of it is bordered by bodies of water. Many families that come here are with the Military. While they are here they and fall in love. When they get out of the Military many come back. Obtaining employment with government contractors is a big draw. Why not enjoy where you live and have a good job.

Going East of Coastal Virginia is the Atlantic Ocean.

Coastal Areas here routinely draw thousands of tourists annually. Why? Because of our vast beautiful beaches for starters. Spanning 17.6 miles an engineering wonder. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which straddles the eastern shore and Virginia Beach.

What you will find as you explore our beautiful cities.

We offer wildlife sanctuaries to satisfy nature lovers and environmentalists. The region is also known for its excellent school systems. Residents love access to distinguished Virginia state colleges and universities. Many of them are recognized for their stellar academic offerings.

Significantly Coastal Virginia is very well known. Mostly as home to its impressive military naval bases. Second only to it’s expansive beaches.

Coastal Virginia hosts largest Naval installation in the United States. Potential buyers desirous of security intertwined with chances to meet people with interesting backgrounds may be another reason to live here. If for some reason your not a beach lover. Our beaches are hard to beat.

Active duty personnel comprised from all branches of the military. They are stationed right here in Coastal Virginia.

Military personnel can exceed 100,000 at any single time. Armed forces stationed here locally hate to leave. Many actively work to have their orders extended here. If they don’t get to stay they often return. The size of our bases often makes returning possible.

Why many retiring military seek to reside in Coastal Virginia. It is a great place to enjoy retirement years.

The reason for this is the the many indisputable attractions. Quality of life is at the forefront. A few other important things factor in. Mild winters that locals often call three seasons. Offering many parks and outdoor recreational areas. The area is most famous for it’s food and entertainment. Other factors that are a delight to Coastal Virginia homeowners are it’s beautiful neighborhoods.

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